Services Provided

What we can do for you:

Custom Home Design & Construction

Here at Rudkin Contracting we aim to build homes of the highest standard while bringing the greatest satisfaction to our customers. We work with you every step of the way to make sure we give you exactly what you want in your home, and within your budget.

Residential Additions & Remodeling

We design and build smart additions and renovations. These changes blend with the look of the existing building to create flow better than before. We have taken simple designs and turned them into custom homes from careful calculation and meaningful addition. Small or Big - let us help you improve your home!

Excavation & Earth Work

We provide full excavation services including dig, compaction, backfill, and utilities including wastewater management, water, electric, data line installations, culverts, landscape replacements. You Call - We Dig!

Facility Support

We provide skilled manpower, equipment, and materials to companies for sale. We also provide additional staff to repair or maintain their facilities and campuses.

Commercial Design & Construction

We design and build stand alone structures or additions to compliment existing campuses or buildings. These provide sustainability, comfort, and improved overall efficiency. We can build or renovate your business to have a more professional look and improve your daily business life.



Tenant Improvements

We can customize retail or wholesale space specifically tailored to the clients' needs to make your workplace a more beautiful environment, and an inviting setting to your customers. We will ensure that any work done will be of value to both the client and the property owner.