What is the Design Process?

Rudkin Contracting is a Design/Build Contractor. We make it easier and more affordable because we offer in house design, as well as building services. Usually, when a home or business owner plans to build, they hire an architect, and then solicit bids from several contractors or their job.  

With Rudkin, the customer comes to us with a concept of what he/she wants, and a budget in mind, and Rudkin begins to design and build your project within your given desired budget. Although soliciting bids to find the lowest cost contractor may seem attractive up front, this practice does not foster a healthy and trusting relationship between builder and customer. Our goal is to design and build the customer the highest quality product possible within the client's budget while building a relationship with them that will last a lifetime. 


Why Choose  a design builder?

The Advantages of the Design-Build Process:

-Provides a Cohesive Process from DESIGN to CONSTRUCTION

-Offers the client an opportunity to develop a solid working relationship with the builder before the signing of a construction contract

-Offers the Convenience of both services in one place

-Allows for Cost Effective construction methods that Coincides directly with the design of the project

-Accountability of Cost to Design