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What is the Design Process? 

Rudkin Contracting is a Design/Build contractor. We make it easier and more affordable to build a custom space because we offer in-house design and building services. Usually, the design/architectural services are solicited outside of the general contracting company, which can create additional fees and complexities in the overall building process. We pride ourselves in offering design services and being able to integrate with other architects and engineers to create a seamless building process from Design to Build.

In addition, we supply our own in-house excavation. We dig our own foundations, and take good care to achieve proper ground preparation and compaction for a lasting home structure. In turn, this cuts out the otherwise necessary need for a professional excavation sub-contractor. ​Our ability to do site development, foundation excavation, utility lines, and grade work, provides for more reliability in the quality of the structure, and allows for the ability to create a tailored design and landscape for our clients. 

We like to design our own projects in house in order to seamlessly integrate the structural, mechanical, and visual components that make the perfect house for our clients. It removes any disconnect from the builder to the architect, when implementing from design to actual construction. This allows us to build quicker, and more cost effective for our clients. However, we have plenty of experience, and work sufficiently with architects and draftsmen throughout the Northern Colorado region. Ultimately, we want to support your ideas and desires, and will do our best to satisfy your building needs.  

Why Choose a design builder?

Here are some advantages: 
  • It provides a cohesive process from design to construction

  • It offers the client an opportunity to develop a solid working relationship with the builder before signing a construction contract

  • It offers the convenience of both services in one place

  • Finally it offers accountability between cost and design​

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