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Pateros Creek Custom

Berthoud Farmhouse

Mountain Vista Home

Country Club Addition

Midtown FoCo Addition

Timnath Addition

Windsor Farmhouse

Belmont Farm Sprawling Custom


Walker Manufacturing


RCI Offroad Warehouse


Microbrial Research

Excavation & Other Work

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Foundations & Backfill

Excavation Equipment

Disaster Excavation

Small Projects

English Ranch Patio

This Patio addition is a recent finished project of RCI. Our clients wanted something to complement their large, well manicured backyard., and had a lot of extra space. RCI designed a large patio area (800 square feet of concrete to be exact) so that they could enjoy the end of summer well. The covered patio boasts beautiful wood beams and dark hardware to give it some character. Then, we colored the concrete with a lovely stain to warm up the whole project. All in all, the project turned out wonderfully!

Barn Construction

Over the years, Rudkin Contracting has built a variety of barns of all shapes, sizes, and for various purposes.

The Hansen Pond House

This small but luxurious pond house was built so that the owners had an area to relax while next to the pond in the summer. It has full electricity and boasts gorgeous pine wood interiors and beams. 
You'll notice that the pine has slightly grey undertones. This pine is actually one that has been effected by the Pine Bark Beetle, and as a result, had to be cut down. This wood can be recycled and used for interiors and exteriors such as this house.  The grey streaks gives the house a modern but rustic feel.

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